75 Best Funny Never Have I Ever Questions

Are you looking for a cool way to have fun with your friend? asking never have I questions will certainly give you the fun you need. Probably you have not heard about this, it is a kind of game were you ask your friends funny questions that usually starts with Never Have I. Have fun playing.

1. Never Have I Ever Said “I Love You” Just to Get Laid

2. Never Have I Ever Slept with a Sibling

3. Never Have I Ever Been Involved in a Hit and Run

4. Never Have I Ever Blacked Out and Broken Up with My Significant Other

5. Never Have I Ever Paid for Sex

6. Never Have I Ever Shaved a Word Into My Body Hair

7. Never Have I thrown up on an airplane or on a boat?

8. Never Have I been kicked or bitten by an animal?

9. Never Have I sung in the shower or on the toilet?

10. Never Have I Ever Peed My Pants in Public

11. Never Have I Ever Driven Drunk

12. Never Have I Ever Repurposed a Common Household Item as a Sex Toy

13. Never Have I Ever Watched a Porn for the Storyline

14. Never Have I Ever Slept with Someone Within an Hour of Meeting Them

15. Never Have I Ever Fallen Asleep While Driving

16. Never Have I Ever Set Myself on Fire

17. Never Have I Ever Had a Sex Dream About a Family Member

18. Never Have I locked my keys in the car, or have been locked out of my house?

19. Never Have I spied on my neighbors?

20. Never Have I shared food with my dog or cat?

21. Never Have I dyed my hair, and it didn’t turn out well?

22. Never Have I been sky diving or scuba diving?

23. Never Have I Ever Watched Porn with Someone Else

24. Never Have I Ever Farted in an Elevator

25. Never Have I Ever Masturbated at Someone Else’s House

26. Never Have I Ever Worn Crocs

27. Never Have I Ever Flashed Someone

28. Never Have I faked being sick so I could stay home or come home from school or work?

29. Never Have I pretended to speak a foreign language I don’t know?

30. Never Have I lost part of my bathing suit?

31. Never Have I gone on a “bad” blind date?

32. Never Have I have you ever made up a story to get out of a traffic ticket?

33. Never Have I won a contest?

34. Never Have I made a prank phone call?

35. Never Have I Ever Killed an Animal While Not Hunting

36. Never Have I Ever Used Ice Cubes During Sex

37. Never Have I Ever Walked in on My Parents Having Sex

38. Never Have I Ever Eaten Food Off of Someone’s Naked Body

39. Never Have I Ever Had Sex in My Parents Bed

40. Never Have I swam in ice cold water?

41. Never Have I eaten frog legs, or some other strange food?

42. Never Have I toilet-papered someone’s house?

43. Never Have I been showering and had someone throw ice water on me?

44. Never Have I tried to burp the alphabet?

45. Never Have I been in an earthquake or a tornado?

46. Never Have I gotten lost at an amusement park or on a vacation?

47. Never Have I done something dumb while camping?

48. Never Have I eaten a whole cake or a pizza myself?

49. Never Have I seen the same movie more than twice at a theater?

50. Never Have I played a trick on someone, or had someone play a trick on you?

51. Never Have I Ever Peed in the Shower

52. Never Have I Ever Eaten a Piece of Food That Fell on the Floor

53. Never Have I Ever Lied to Protect a Cheating Friend

54. Never Have I Ever Fooled Around with Two Different People Within 24 Hours

55. Never Have I Ever Shoplifted Even When I Had Money

56. Never Have I skipped a class or a whole day of school?

57. Never Have I gone skinny dipping?

58. Never Have I fallen down the stairs?

59. Never Have I lied about not doing something I was supposed to do?

60. Never Have I had food or a drink spilled on me at a restaurant or party?

61. Never Have I ridden on a cow, an elephant, or some strange animal?

62. Never Have I sung in front of people by myself?

63. Never Have I had a blow-out tire while driving?

64. Never have I ever run from a police officer

65. Never have I ever talked my way out of a traffic ticket

66. Never have I ever been embarrassed to pick up my pictures from Wal-Mart because I remembered what was on that roll

67. Never have I ever woken up drunk

68. Never have I ever had a crush on a friend’s parent

69. Never have I ever stood outside a convenience store trying to find a non-minor to buy me alcohol

70. Never have I ever committed a felony

71. Never have I ever been so drunk I couldn’t remember where I lived

72. Never have I ever been put to sleep on my stomach or side so I couldn’t choke on my own puke

73. Never have I ever had a shotgun wedding

74. Never have I ever had a hangover so bad I wanted someone to shoot me

75. Never have I ever done body shots


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